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Golf is defined in the Rules of Golf as "playing a ball with a club from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the Rules" The first game of golf for which records survive was played at Bruntsfield Links, in Edinburgh, Scotland, in A. 1456, recorded in the archives of the Edinburgh Burgess Golfing Society, now The Royal Burgess Golfing Society.

The modern game of golf spread from Scotland to England and has now become a worldwide game, with golf courses in the majority of affluent countries.

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However, these earlier games are more accurately viewed as ancestors of golf, and the modern game as we understand it today originated and developed in Scotland: The earliest permanent golf course originated there, as did the very first written rules, the establishment of the 18-hole course, and the first golf club memberships.

The first formalized tournament structures also emerged there and competitions were arranged between different Scottish cities.

Golf is a sport in which a player, using many types of clubs including a driver, a putter, and irons, hits a ball into each hole on a golf course in the lowest possible number of strokes.

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Sponsorship has also become a huge part of the game and players often earn more from their sponsorship contracts than they do from the game itself.Over time, the modern game spread to England and the rest of the world.The oldest playing golf course in the world is The Musselburgh Old Links Golf Course.If you would like to join Marketplace, please complete our registration form.

PLEASE NOTE: Publishers Marketplace and Publishers Lunch Deluxe are separate services from the free Publishers Lunch email newsletter.Scholars have claimed references to a form of golf from hieroglyphs found on stone tablets dating to ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.

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