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The name “Apple” apparently reflects Steve Jobs’ early vagabonding years when he ventured north from California and into the state of Oregon.

According to excerpts from the WSJ and AP, after some time spent working on apple orchards in that state, Steve Jobs was in the midst of a ““, the rest, of course, is history.

He told them: "I've watched you get dropped off…" Syman said "none of them look as though they've missed a feed or two" and he was sure they were not homeless.

"If you don't speak out about it, it's going to get worse.

"This includes the appropriate councils and the relevant social agencies, whose role is to provide assistance and support, while addressing the issues that motivate people to solicit money on the street." He said while begging was not an offence in Tauranga, the police would strongly encourage anyone who felt threatened or unsafe due to antisocial behaviour to notify them immediately, "so we can respond as appropriate". That's how regular shopper Greg Syman describes the Greerton hustlers after they accosted him.

"If you don't give them anything, on the way back they're bloody rude." Syman, who goes to the village most mornings for a coffee, said he once had an argument with them and started asking questions.

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Listen as much as one is able to other people whose opinions you respect...

A business owner, who has been in Greerton 15 years, believes the members of the group are not homeless. We even saw morning tea being delivered to them by the same person that drops them off." She said a lady came into her store one day "really stressed out". "I know there are unfortunate circumstances, but this seems to be like a working party that are just having a go." The shop owner had been telling as many customers as possible what the group were up to.