Dating a recently divorced man with children

16-Jun-2017 12:04

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I love my husband—we have been together since our teens.So I am wondering whether he thinks I need supervision, or whether he is bored or has some power issues. He texted me to go out one night, and I realized I’d rather stay home and watch reality TV.The problem is that I am more in love with who she is internally (she is smart, funny, caring, loving, and super supportive) and not particularly attracted to her externally—but she would never know that based on my many compliments.A: I am not sure why you got into a relationship with a person you are not attracted to, but if you’re happy with your situation, then I suppose I’ll leave that aside for the moment.You’re both young, and the odds that she will be with her current girlfriend for the rest of her life are fairly slim, although I don’t think you should put your own life on hold indefinitely in the hopes that she’ll be single again.

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Over the weekend, her 13-year-old daughter requested to follow me on Instagram.

If it’s the latter—that sounds awful, and my advice to you is to spend some time in therapy exploring why you’ve sought out a woman whose greatest fear is that she is not attractive and pursued a relationship with her knowing that you were, in fact, her greatest fear realized.

You say you’re “considered a very positive person,” but there’s nothing positive about bombarding someone with insincere flattery if it’s not genuinely meant. I didn’t figure out I was gay until I was midway through college.

Currently, I am considering an appointment with a dementia specialist. For what it’s worth, when we had other issues, he refused counseling. And that was how I felt about him: He’s a nice guy, but I have less emotional investment in him than in any of my hobbies. A: To him: “I broke up with you because I didn’t want to keep dating you.” To others: “I broke up with him because I didn’t want to keep dating him.” You do not need to convince him that you have a good-enough reason to break up. My mother married the man she had the affair with and had four other children. I never got an apology from her, only a lot of excuses and crocodile tears.

A: I think it’s always a good idea to check in with a doctor if you’re concerned about risk factors for a medical condition, but you don’t say you’ve started forgetting things or experiencing confusion. It’s just that he insists I have to have a reason—“Is there someone else? If he keeps pressing, feel free to hang up the phone, walk away, or otherwise end the conversation. While she was married to my father, she spent a lot of time on solo adventures, one of which ended with her pregnant by another man. I honestly don’t want anything to do with her or her husband (he tried to blame my father).If that’s not a risk you’re willing to take, then don’t do it. My problem is my husband, a former teacher who does not do any professional work (the kids and I try to keep him occupied with tasks like online shopping and house renovation; he does not seem too interested in other things).