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31-Aug-2017 15:38

Time is something that most people don’t have a lot of.

By implying that your guide is a quick read, you’ll be more likely to pull in readers.

Asking questions in your headlines gives people a chance to immediately resonate with your content.

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The more specific you can get with your headline, the better.

A study by Conductor on different types of headlines found that titles with numbers were the most effective by far.

Magazines have perfected the art of using numbers in headlines.

Especially if you want to avoid the standard words like cool or good. If you’re struggling to come up with an adjective to describe a word you want to use in your headline, plug it into this tool from Word Generator and it’ll give you some suggestions.

Keep in mind that the suggestions are random so you’ll have to go generate a few different words to find a good match, but it’s a great place to start.The only thing an appointment setter has to do is make initial contact and get the lead to commit to walking into the door.