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It is only during this short period of time that they can become pregnant.

In addition some Panda pairings may not be compatible, making the chance of a successful pregnancy even more difficult.

This is the so called "cub-abandon behaviour" of Giant Pandas. They have their eyes wide open after about 50 days. No, males do not help the females in caring for the young.

It is very tiny with a body of 15 -17cm long and weighs around 36-296 grams. They go away after mating, leaving the females to take full responsibility for pregnancy as well as delivering, caring and training the cubs.

The vaults were monitored in both a 24-hour investigation and for a Most Haunted Live show on Halloween 2006, in which Scottish Investigator Ryan O'Neill took part. There was no chill feeling when I took it or anything like that.

Emma added: 'I have been down there a few times in the past and got another picture last year of a hand behind this guy.

Usually Giant Pandas mate in spring and give birth in autumn, especially from August to September. There has been only one case like this so far in the Wolong Breeding Centre.

A female Giant Panda in the wild could have 6 babies in her lifetime.

As the conditions in the vaults deteriorated, due to damp and poor air quality, the businesses left and the poorest of Edinburgh's citizens moved in.However, techniques such as artificial insemination have proved to be successful in recent years.At the Wolong Breeding Centre in China, they have produced 94 cubs since 2006.On 8th September 1978, giant panda "Yuanjing" was born at Beijing Zoo through artificial insemination.

– School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, Sutton Bonington Campus, University of Nottingham Timings above denote lecture start time. Each lecture will be followed by an informal drinks/nibbles reception providing the opportunity for networking and meeting the speaker.

Wild female Giant Pandas are sexually mature at the age of 5½ -6½ years and wild males at 6 -7 years.

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