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09-Jun-2017 18:43

The conception of 'nature' as a community of subjective entities is a fundamental assumption of this work (2).In much the same way as the word 'humans' includes an almost infinite diversity of individuals with whom we may develop a range of differing relationship, so too does 'nature' include a diversity of individual entities.The Skills Construct The skills construct of interpersonal relationships is easily recognised.For a relationship to commence people need a basic level of social skill and personal competence (Nelson-Jones 1986).The Constructs of Relationships Many authors have written and researched the stages and constructs which have been mooted as descriptive of interpersonal relationships (see Devito 1995, Kiesler 1996).The model proposed within this paper is an 'eclectic synthesis' of the literature, in that we have used interpersonal relationship theory to provide clues as to how relationships between humans and nature may develop (1).

In reviewing this literature, with the goal of drawing links to human-nature relationships, we have identified five broad constructs which seem illustrative of the way in which relationships develop.

Intimate friendships, by contrast, demonstrate high degrees of commitment, trust, warmth, affection, self-disclosure, and personal sharing (Josselson 1996, Verderber & Verderber 1995).