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" The movie then goes back in time to see how we get to this point. into the movie, but to tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.After a short look at "Nadine, Age 7" and "Nadine, age 13", where we learn how socially awkward things are for Nadine, but for her strong friendship with her BFF Krista. Couple of comments: this movie is the directing debut for writer Kelly Fremon Craig (who wrote 2009's "Post Grad").

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The 32-year-old Irish musician also made the bizarre admission that she eats 'some form of potato' before every show as a superstitious ritual.

She has to deal with questions about the much-talked about Girls Aloud rift whenever she's interviewed.

And Nadine Coyle's appearance on Tuesday morning's edition of Lorraine was no different as she promoted her new single Go To Work and reflected on her pop star beginnings.'Girls Aloud was 15 years ago – it's crazy,' she said. But everybody grows up and moves on and has different priorities.'Having disbanded, seemingly for good, in 2013, the band has been plagued ever since with rumblings that the members parted on bad terms.'With girls at least you can say "let’s talk about one another when we’re not face to face",' she joked, comparing rifts amongst men and women.

Kangaroos are crazy and can do all sorts of terrible things.

Candid: Nadine once again reminisced about her time in the successful girl group as she spoke about her bandmate Cheryl's 'crazy' behaviour on tour in Australia when she bravely held a kangaroo for a photo The Insatiable hitmaker also spoke of her desire to start a family band with her two sisters like the popular group Haim. I adore them because they are 3 sisters and I've two sisters.

Last week, Nadine spoke about her bandmate Cheryl's 'crazy' behaviour on tour in Australia when she bravely held a kangaroo for a photo.

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