Lance and lacey are they dating

29-Jul-2017 16:25

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Lance was dressed in his usual attire but with a bow tie, cape and keeping his usual dark blue and striped orange color scheme."Lance, hi! The two linked arms and proceeded out the room into the hallway towards the elevator."So," Cynthia began with a smile. ""I have reservations for the best restaurant in town," Lance began trying to hide his nervousness.

" Cynthia greeted."Good evening m'lady," he greeted with a light bow. "After that, we'll see.""I like the sound of that," she replied, liking tonights plan.

Cynthia placed a fancy dress of hers over top of her without wearing it over her very lacy pair of panties and matching bra."Uhh!

lance and lacey are they dating-68

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Both were preparing her for her date with Lance but they were both caught up in the "politics" of it all.

The two made their way to the lobby and walked outside. It belonged to his father who was once the champion of Jhoto decades ago.

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